Do You Offer Chef Sponsorship Jobs in Australia?

We Can Help You Find Skilled Staff!

At Read & Associates we have hundreds of skilled migrants in our system looking for sponsored chef jobs Australia-wide. We specialise in connecting high calibre overseas staff with reputable employers while striving to provide a real solution for talent shortage in Australia. We work with skilled chefs looking for sponsorships to get a temporary or permanent visa and stay in regional areas of Australia. Our job is to make sure they meet the chef sponsorship requirements and obtain their visas while assisting Australian employers who are struggling to find qualified staff.

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Can You Provide a Cook Sponsorship in Regional Australia?

Let Us Team You Up with Qualified Workers Looking for Permanent Positions!

Read and Associates was established in 2005 and has been involved with the migration industry ever since. We have grown and changed together with the Department of Immigration. We started off small and have grown with the industry while adapting to the many changes that have occurred along the way. Read and Associates has processed many highly complex business migration visa applications for many respectable clients. These visas are the most complex of the visa system, and we are more than happy to discuss these visa options with you in person. We are the ‘Go-To’ people for complex migration legal matters! With a very high referral rate, we are more than happy to provide you with some contact details of firms, businesses and individuals who have used our services. Our partner visa checklists are second to none. We have outstanding attention to detail and will customise a partner visa checklist unique to you.


We Ensure Qualified Migrants Get PR For Cook In Australia

Specialising in chef immigration Australia-wide, we make sure that Australian employers across regional areas find talented workers for permanent positions. Our migration specialists at Read & Associates are dedicated to helping talented cooks from overseas secure their sponsored visas. We specialise in chef recruitment Australia-wide to help employers overcome a shortage of staff and assist skilled workers in finding a restaurant sponsorship. Are looking for a professional chef? Permanent residency Australia is the ultimate goal for prospective migrants, and our job is to help them achieve it. We make sure they get state sponsorships and submit successful visa applications.

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We are the Experts in Hospitality Visa Applications Australia-Wide

Read & Associates help talented chefs get in touch with hospitality agencies Australia-wide. With the ambition to help both overseas workers and Australian employers, our goal is to contribute to the hospitality industry by connecting skilled workers and reputable restaurants and hotels. If you are an employer looking for top-quality staff who can fill vacancies and stay with you on a permanent basis, we can help you reach your goal. From recruiting staff for the hospitality industry to providing professional advice and assistance with visa applications, we are here to help you every step of the way.