Investor visa 891

891 Visa Australia

Investor visa australia

This visa is for people who undertake business and investment activities in Australia. It allows you to stay in Australia indefinitely. To apply as a primary applicant, you must have a qualifying visa granted on a particular basis.

Stay: Permanently

Processing times: Unavailable due to low volume of applications

891 investor visa

With this visa, you can

  • stay in Australia permanently
  • continue your business and investment activity in Australia 
  • apply for Australian citizenship, if you are eligible 

You must

  • be the holder of  a Subclass 162 – Investor (Provisional) visa
  • have held a designated investment of AUD1.5 million for 4 years
  • have lived in Australia for 2 of the past 4 years

With this visa, you can

  • stay in Australia permanently
  • work and study in Australia
  • enrol in Australia’s public health care scheme, Medicare
  • sponsor your relatives to come to Australia
  • travel to and from Australia for 5 years
  • if eligible, become an Australian citizen

Newly arrived residents may have to wait before they can access certain Australian Government payments and benefits. 

How long you can stay

This is a permanent visa. It lets you stay in Australia indefinitely. The visa has a travel component that expires 5 years after the date of visa grant.

You become a permanent resident on the day we grant the visa.

For citizenship purposes, your permanent residency starts on the day:

  • we grant the visa, if you are in Australia
  • you enter Australia on this visa, if you are outside Australia

Include family

You can include members of the family unit in your application. You can:

  • include them when you lodge your visa application
  • add them after you lodge your application but before we decide on your visa

A member of the family unit can include family members who hold an eligible visa that was granted on the basis that they were a member of your family unit at the time their eligible visa was granted. This provision may apply even where the person would no longer meet the definition of members of the family unit, for example a child who has turned 23 years of age since their eligible visa was granted.

Members of the family unit who apply for the visa must meet our health and character. Members of the family unit not accompanying you to Australia may also need to meet our health and character requirements.

Apply from

You must be in Australia when you submit your application. Members of your family unit can be in or outside Australia but not in immigration clearance.

You must hold an eligible visa to make a valid application for this visa.

Processing times

We assess applications on a case by case basis, and actual processing times can vary due to individual circumstances including:

  • whether you have lodged a complete application, including all necessary supporting documents
  • how quickly you respond to any requests for additional information
  • how long it takes to perform required checks on the supporting information provided
  • how long it takes to receive additional information from external agencies, particularly in relation to health, character, and national security requirements
  • for permanent migration visa applications, how many places are available in the migration program 

Your obligations

You and members of your family unit must obey all Australian laws.

We expect you to continue your business or investment activity in Australia, or make a realistic commitment to doing so.


You can travel to and from Australia as many times as you want for 5 years from the date we grant this visa. 
After 5 years you will need a Resident Return (RRV) visa  (subclass 155 and 157) to re enter Australia as a 
permanent resident. 

To see when your travel facility ends, use VEVO.

Visa label

We will digitally link your visa to your passport. You will not get a label in your passport.

Have this visa

You must hold Subclass 162 – Investor (Provisional) visa that was granted to you on the basis that you satisfied the primary criteria for that visa.

Meet the residence requirement

You must have lived in Australia as the holder of a Subclass 162 (Investor (Provisional) visa for a total of at least 2 years in the 4 years immediately before you submitted the application. The 2 year period does not have to be continuous.

Be this age

There is no age limit for this visa.

Meet business requirements

You, or you and your partner together, must:

  • have held continuously for at least 4 years, in your name or your name and your partner‘s name, your designated investment of AUD1.5 million you made for the purpose of satisfying a requirement for the grant of a Subclass 162 – Investor (Provisional) visa
  • have a genuine and realistic commitment to continue a business or investment activity in Australia
  • never been involved in unacceptable business activities

Meet our health requirement

You must meet our health requirement and any family members who apply with you might have to meet our health requirement, depending upon their circumstances. In some circumstances you will not have to do medicals again.

You should not do medicals until we ask you to do so.

Meet our character requirement

You and members of your family unit aged 16 years and over who apply for the visa with you must meet our character requirement. 

Members of the family unit not accompanying you to Australia must also meet the requirement.

Sign the Australian values statement

All applicants who are 18 years of age or older, must:

  • have read, or had explained to them, the Life in Australia and
  • confirm they will respect the Australian way of life and obey Australian laws when they sign an Australian Values Statement 

Have paid back your debt to the Australian Government

If you or any members of your family unit (including those who have not applied for the visa with you) owe the Australian Government money, you or they must have paid it back or arranged to pay it back..

Not have had a visa cancelled or a previous application refused

You might not be eligible for this visa if you have had a visa cancelled or refused while you were in Australia. 

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