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Read & Associates Pty Ltd – Migration Agents

With professional help from Read & Associates, your visa application is bound to be a success! Our professional registration in the migration profession and our outstanding track record is your guarantee. We have lodged thousands of visa applications over the past 16 years, and all of them were successful. With thousands of visas granted, we have handled countless interactions with the Department of Immigration concerning many complex, challenging and unique scenarios. We remove the red tape from the immigration process and provide professional, up-to-date advice and outstanding value. Our impeccable reputation is your reassurance! A single consultation with our experienced migration agents is a great investment, and we are confident you will walk away knowing the best visa options for your specific situation. 


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We Are The ‘Go-To’ People For Complex Migration Legal Matters

Read and Associates was established in 2005 and has been involved with the migration industry ever since. We have grown and changed together with the Department of Immigration. We started off small and have grown with the industry while adapting to the many changes that have occurred along the way. Read and Associates has processed many highly complex business migration visa applications for many respectable clients. These visas are the most complex of the visa system, and we are more than happy to discuss these visa options with you in person. We are the ‘Go-To’ people for complex migration legal matters! With a very high referral rate, we are more than happy to provide you with some contact details of firms, businesses and individuals who have used our services. Our partner visa checklists are second to none. We have outstanding attention to detail and will customise a partner visa checklist unique to you.