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Our Promise

Our promise is that we will carefully prepare and manage your visa application with professional care and detail.

We value our relationship, and we value you.

Why Choose Us

We will provide you with upfront professional advice that reflects your current situation. Our reputation and knowledge of the visa pathway has been secured over the past 15 yrs of being in the migration industry. We are nationally registered and this is your guarantee.

Financial Support

We do offer a part payment option for your professional fees.

We can put you in touch with an organisation that can also lend you your visa application fees.

Skilled Migration

Our reputation and track record speak for themselves. We have lodged thousands of visa applications over the past 12 years.

We have had thousands of visas granted. We have had countless interactions with the Department of Immigration concerning many complex, challenging and unique scenarios.

Our reputation is your reassurance. Our professional registration in the Migration Profession is your guarantee.

Family Migration

Read and Associates was developed in 2005 and has been involved with the migration industry for all this time.

We have grown and changed along the way, as has the Department of Immigration.

We started off small, and have grown with the industry and have adapted to the many changes that have occurred along the way.

Business Migration

Read and Associates has processed many highly complex business migration visa applications, for our Chinese investors in particular.

These visas are the most complex of the visa system and we are more than happy to discuss these visa options with you in person.

Partner Migration

We are the ‘GO TO’ people for complex migration legal matters. We do have a very high referral rate and are more than happy to provide you with some contact details of firms, businesses and individuals who have used our services.

Our partner visa checklists are 2nd to none and we have an outstanding attention to detail and will customise a partner visa check unique to you.

Bridging Visa

Who We Are.

On behalf of our visa processing team, we extend a very warm welcome to you.

Our motto is – ‘let’s remove the red tape from the migration process, and we had no idea when we coined this catchphrase, just how close to the point that phrase would become in what we do in our day to day practice.

That’s what we do. We remove the red tape from the immigration process, and provide professional, up-to-date advice and outstanding value 

How much will it cost?

Prices vary. Cases vary. Time spent on your matter varies. We are involved in potentially one of the most demanding, complex, and unique undertakings you are likely to experience, and cost and competency go hand in hand.

We are very price competitive and are always willing to discuss professional legal fees.

What are my VISA options?

Let our team prepare and lodge the most appropriate migration pathway for you.

Please contact our office at anytime to further inquire.

What happens after I lodge my Visa?

After your visa is lodged you will have a bridging visa granted. If you have a current visa, the bridging visa is activated as soon as your current visa expires.

Our team will facilitate your migration legal position at all times.

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