On behalf of our visa processing team, we extend a very warm welcome to you and to the list of services currently offered by our firm.

Our motto is – ‘let’s remove the red tape from the migration process, and we had no idea when we coined this catchphrase, just how close to the point that phrase would become in what we do in our day to day practice.

Thats what we do. We remove the red tape from the immigration process and provide professional, up to date and outstanding value 


Employer sponsored visas

Our firm works with a wide range of employers that include the medical profession, engineering and fabrication, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and mining industries to name a few. Servicing the whole of Australia we have clients from Sydney to Adelaide and everywhere in between.

Many businesses engage our professional services to secure confident and up to date legal advice to benefit their recruiting decision making.

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Permanent Residency

We can tailor make your application to fit the requirements for your permanent residency. Permanent residency can be complex with a diverse set of circumstances unique to your scenario. Permanent residency is the dream and goal of many people and can be the single most stressful event to happen in your family structure.

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Temporary sponsored visa

Temporary visas can be a very integral part to some business’s recruitment models. The medical professions, engineering profession and production business can require the services of highly skilled personnel to fully equip their workforce.

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Partner visa

Partner visas are the fun side of the visa migration pathway. Uniting loved ones for the future is a very rewarding process and we feel very privileged to be involved in this pathway. Married, de facto, same sex, fiancé visas, team will create  an individual check list for you and  your partner. Offering straight up down to earth advice, our team would love to talk to you to discuss your options.

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Resident return visa

A permanent visa holder needs a resident return visa to get back into Australia after having their PR for 5 yrs. Our firm can arrange for this for you and ensure you are able to continue to enjoy  your travel privileges for another 5 yrs.


Citizenship can have its complexities and our team will collate and lodge all your documentation for you. Obtaining your Australian passport is a dream of many Australian residents and our team will put together a package for you to secure and lodge your citizenship.

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Parent visas

Securing a parent visa is a very rewarding privilege.  Parent visa requirements are constantly changing with new visas being announced on a regular basis. There are many options available to you and we are very happy to discuss those options with you.

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Our firm can assist in preparing and lodging your tourist visa for you. Bringing a family member or a loved one for a short stay can be very rewarding. Feel free to contact us today to begin this very exciting process.

Skilled visas

Independent skilled visas are unique in the instance that usually the applicant has one  chance to get this right. There are no second chances with this road and an applicant can have  a challenging pathway ahead.

Child visas

Adding your  dependent child to your visa application is a very personal and emotional time in any persons life. Every Child visa application is different with its own set of unique circumstances and our team  will assist you at every step of the way.

Specialist advice

Our firm can offer you detailed specialist migration legal advice of your best options. We can do skype, or a phone consultation upon request. Many clients wish to obtain a second opinion in regard to their migration legal scenario and this makes perfect sense.

Feel free to contact us today to arrange a phone, face to face, or skype consultation.

AAT appeals

Our firm can represent you in your AAT appeal process and will prepare, lodge and attend your AAT appeal hearing. We will also attend your hearing and assist you in preparing and delivering your defence to the Department’s decision. Our track record with the AAT is outstanding and we are more than willing to assist you in this very complex situation.